When you receive a dental implant, our dentists will use Penguin RFA technology to ensure that your implants are stable in your mouth. This advanced technology helps ensure that you can enjoy all the long-term benefits of your implants without worry of complications in your treatment. To learn more about Penguin RFA technology in Miami, Florida, and schedule an appointment with Dr. Ernesto J. Perez or Dr. Ernesto R. Perez, call Perez Dental Group today at 305-220-9393.

In today’s world, there is a tendency to have a brief or no healing period at all between placing your implant posts and capping them with restorations to complete your treatment. This reduced treatment time is a risk, because if conditions in your mouth are less than optimal, your implants may not be stable and could fail. The Penguin RFA removes doubt and helps ensure that your implants remain stable once they are placed so that you can enjoy better long-term results for your smile.

This device uses resonance frequency analysis (RFA), a comfortable, quick and entirely noninvasive method, to assess stability over time. RFA involves sending small magnetic pulses to a small metal rod temporarily attached to your implant. As the rod vibrates, the probe takes readings and translates the findings into a measurement that helps our dentists determine when your implants are stable enough to support restorations. We will typically measure your implant stability several times, before and after you have healed, to achieve the best results for your treatment.

For more information about Penguin RFA and to schedule a consultation with our skilled dentists, please contact our team today.